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Joe Bovino, Lawyer

Joe Bovino is the Founder and Managing Partner of Bovino Law Group, P.A. 

Joe has been a distinguished lawyer and international business executive for almost 30 years. He specializes in intellectual property, entertainment, new media, privacy, corporate and immigration law. He also provides consulting services with respect to international business and brand development, technology-led economic development, licensing, commercialization, technology transfer and intangible asset management. 

Joe has advised government agencies, NGOs, universities, institutional investors, individuals, and enterprises throughout the world, creating initiatives that expand business opportunities, increase shareholder value, foster economic growth, and enhance the competitiveness of regions across many parts of the globe.

Joe became a lawyer because he believes in the power of ideas, free-market capitalism and the rule of law to promote liberty, security and prosperity. He also believes that international business, free trade and legal immigration are some of the best ways to extend these benefits to the rest of the world. 

During the course of his career, Joe has established a reputation for consistently providing hands-on, solution-oriented representation. He’s a talented negotiator, fearless advocate for individual freedom and dignity, and visionary leader with a proven track record of success and a global network of contacts in key industry sectors, including health and fitness, technology, entertainment, new media and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to legal counseling, Joe also provides book counseling as Founder and CEO of The Book Counselor, a full-service publishing company that helps its clients to write books “as they speak” and publish them to bestseller status.

Before launching Bovino Law Group and The Book Counselor, Joe served in a variety of positions, including: Analyst for QLC Partners Oy, a Helsinki-based private equity firm; Analyst for IPD Analytics LLC, where he analyzed patent litigation and delivered actionable intelligence to institutional investors and healthcare organizations; Director of Business Development at The Patent & License Exchange, Inc., a B2B online marketplace for patents; International Economic Development Consultant to LARTA Institute and the Office of Strategic Technology of the California Trade & Commerce Agency, where he co-created, managed and secured private-sector funding for a new Global Technology Partners program and a Global California Mentoring Program for emerging small and medium-sized enterprises; and Vice President of Global Connection, Inc., a Helsinki-based management consulting firm. Joe also spent the first 5 years of his career as an undefeated Litigation Associate at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, LLP – one of the largest law firms in California at the time – and as Senior Counsel at Ernst & Young, LLP

Joe has a B.A. in Political and Social Thought from the University of Virginia (1985), a J.D./M.A. in International Relations from the University of Southern California (1989), and is licensed to practice law in Florida and California. He has spoken to audiences around the world on subjects ranging from intellectual property valuation and licensing, technology-led economic development, privacy rights, constitutional law, international strategic partnering, mentoring and entrepreneurship.

In his spare time, Joe balances his busy work life with creative outlets. He is a four-time #1 bestselling author who recently published his fifth book about a new weight-loss strategy called The Sugar Belly Secret. He appears as a cast member in the original P90X workout program and has exercised regularly ever since. He also enjoys dancing, singing, playing guitar, fine dining, and traveling. 

For more detailed information about Joe’s professional background, please visit his LinkedIn profile. 

You can reach Joe directly at joe@bovinolawgroup.com and 310-425-9933.

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