Bovino Law Group

Technology-Led Economic Development

Bovino Law Group specializes in assisting government agencies, NGOs, universities and technology associations in creating, developing and executing technology-led economic development programs.

We have represented and/or served organizations and emerging technology-based companies in the United States and abroad for decades. For example, as President of Joseph Bovino & Associates (a predecessor of Bovino Law Group), Joe Bovino co-created, managed and secured private-sector funding for a successful Global Technology Partners (“GTP”) program by the Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance (now, LARTA Institute) and the Office of Strategic Technology of the California Trade & Commerce Agency. GTP fostered technology-led economic development in California, other U.S. States and internationally in many ways, including a successful Global California Mentoring Program (“GCAMP”), a new, web-based Global Access database, and numerous Global California Forums.

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