Bovino Law Group

Welcome to Bovino Law Group, P.A.

We are a Florida-based law firm that specializes in intellectual property, entertainment, new media, contracts, corporate and immigration law. 

We also provide consulting services with respect to technology-led economic development, international business and brand development, licensing, commercialization, technology transfer, and intangible asset management.

To ensure that our clients receive effective representation regardless of the size or scope of an engagement, we utilize a “Flex Model”:

As Founder and President of Bovino Law Group, Joe Bovino, handles most matters personally – in whole or in part. Mr. Bovino is a distinguished international lawyer and 4x #1 bestselling author who for nearly 28 years has provided hands-on, solution-oriented representation to a wide range of individuals, businesses, institutions, universities and government organizations. He’s a talented negotiator, book counselor, and health and fitness coach who takes pride in representing every client or customer to the best of his ability.

For larger engagements or those in areas where we are not licensed to practice, we have access to a collaborative network of additional lawyers in the USA and abroad who are ready to provide subject-matter expertise upon request. We also have a global network of contacts in key industry sectors, including health and fitness, technology, entertainment and pharmaceuticals, who will take a call from us when it matters most. 

Contact us anytime for a free initial consultation. 

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