Business Contracts

We write contracts that work

What if the lawyer who negotiated and drafted your business contracts was a 5-time bestseller with 30 years of legal experience?

That’s what you get with Bovino Law Group, which can help you with business contracts and transactions of all kinds, including:

  • Collaboration agreements;
  • Operating agreements;
  • Master service agreements;
  • Statements of work;
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements;
  • Non-circumvention contracts;
  • Independent consulting contracts;
  • Contracts for the entertainment industry;
  • Technology transfer licenses and agreements;
  • Modeling industry contracts;
  • Agency and distribution contracts;
  • Agreements with the media;
  • Labor contracts;
  • Professional photography agreements;
  • Contracts for the music industry;
  • Real estate agreements;
  • Opportunity zone agreements;
  • Product placement and brand integration agreements;
  • Import and export agreements;
  • Joint ventures and other business combinations;
  • Contracts for video and mobile games;
  • Sales and service agreements; and
  • Almost anything else!

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Business Contracts