Our Fees

We ensure that you understand the fees for our legal services prior to any engagement.

And since we specialize in serving entrepreneurs, emigrants, and emerging companies, we offer our legal services at a reasonable fee.

To learn more about our fees for specific legal services, please click here to schedule a consultation.

For your convenience, we accept major credit cards.

We bill for our legal services on a flat fee basis, hourly rate basis, or some combination thereof.

Flat Fee

If we can reasonably estimate the time to complete a legal task, we offer to work on a flat-fee basis. This applies to almost all of our immigration law and trademark law services, as well as some of our business law services.

Our flat fees include all legal services provided on your behalf and other out-of-pocket costs, such as courier, printing, postage, and telecommunications fees. They do not include government filing fees or expenses, however, such as those due to the USCIS (for immigration work), the USPTO (for trademark work), and/or other state or federal agencies.

Hourly Rate

If we can’t offer you a flat fee for a particular legal service for any reason, we’ll offer to handle it on an hourly rate basis.

To ensure transparency and keep our hourly fees under control, we will explain the situation clearly, estimate approximately how much the matter is likely to cost. We may even cap our hourly rate fees at a certain number, after which we would require your permission to continue working on the matter.

The hourly rate of our Managing Partner, Joseph Bovino, is $395 per hour. (This rate does not apply to initial consultations, which are $150 per half hour.)

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